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For those interested in Leo Frank vs. The State of Georgia (1913-1915) and the Progressive South.
This is a community for people interested primarily in the case of Leo Frank vs. the State of Georgia, the sensational court case that lasted from 1913-1915.

I understand that this case is still controversial today. All are allowed to join, no matter what stance you have, but expect a fight if you're anti-Frank. The mod is severely pro-Frank and does not enjoy reading anything disrespectful about him.

If you don't know anything about the case, you probably shouldn't be here. If you don't, read a little and come back. If you know a little about it and want to learn, by all means join! If you don't know anything but bias that you've been told then you have really no right to say that you have an opinion. If you have an informed opinion and want to argue, fine.

If you're completely into the case and think it's the most interesting thing to ever happen on American soil, you're a good friend of mine and of COURSE you should join and post as often as you like.

Primarily, though, I wouldn't like this to be a community for argument, but rather more for discussion of the case and of the period. This community is owned and operated by adisturbdwriter and I am very passionate about the case. I've also written about the case and a lot of Frankish news tends to come my way. I'm not going to post too much coveted info if there's nobody reading the community, so join and make yourself known and I'll post things - I don't want things that I'm proud of discovering just hanging out on the internet!

More on the way..

For now, join! Post! Make icons! Post pictures! This is a really cool topic and if you're a member here I think it's great that we share that opinion.

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